The Panama Experience


Parachute Jump

In the province of Panama Oeste, just one hour from Panama City, P3 Skydive offers a unique Central American experience: you can free fall from a plane traveling at 125 miles/hour and then, once your parachute opens, you’ll have a privileged view of the Panamanian cordillera, the Chame Peninsula, the Atlantic Ocean and, on a clear day, the Caribbean Sea and the Panama Canal. We also offer tandem jumps, photo and video services, and VIP jumps on beaches and islands. 

P3 Skydive Panamá:, 

Tel. (507) 6855 0255. 

Instagram: @p3skydivepanama


Luxury Camping Panamá

Luxury Camping Panama combines glamour and comfort with the unique experience of camping. Several luxury tents are decorated to complement the lush natural beauty that surrounds them. The five cabins represent the natural elements (air, water, fire, and earth) and life’s fundamental component, love. In addition to the luxury tents, families have access to a number of common areas, as well as a bonfire area perfect for savoring the impressive beauty of the night sky. Without a doubt, it is an experience to remember. 

Luxury Camping Panamá

Tel. (507) 6671 2628.

Los Cajones de Chame

Located in the town of Bejuco, an hour from Panama City up a challenging mountain road, Los Cajones de Chame tells a visual story of the passage of time, water, and wind on the rocks. Visitors can jump directly from the canyon walls or slide gently down their slopes into the water. Either way leads to the same wonderful sensation of swimming among huge rock walls. Cajones is best enjoyed in summer when the rains let up and the river, fast and cloudy in the rainy season, turns into a calm winding path of crystalline waters.