The Other Einstein

Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric met and fell in love while studying physics at the Polytechnic University in Zurich. Both were brilliant, hardworking, and ambitious, but the world offered laurels for Albert’s genius alone. Espasa delivers, in Spanish, the story of a bright, promising woman, who, it is supposed, contributed significantly to the theories with which her husband revolutionized knowledge and cosmic mechanics. Maric’s legacy, however, was determined by love and the conventions of the day, meaning she ended up as a footnote in the life of her famous husband.

Marie Benedict

Marie Benedict is the pen name of Heather Benedict Terrell, a New England litigation attorney who has come into her own as a novelist. The Other Einstein is part of a series of historical novels featuring women that also includes Carnegie’s Maid and The Only Woman in the Room, which are yet to be translated into Spanish.

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