Panama Experience

For the Intrepid Traveler: Cerro Hoya National Park

Cerro Hoya is a mountainous area in the Veraguas province that promises an enriching experience for travelers ready to trek through the tropical rain forest. Both the one-day hike and the two-day excursion to the top of Cerro Hoya with Tanager Ecotours’ guides provide a memorable Panamanian experience. All outings leave from Hotel Heliconia in the beautiful Mariato community.

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Villa Coco: A Hotel in the Heart of Surf Country!

This family-friendly, ecological hotel is just steps away from La Punta, one of Santa Catalina’s well-known surf havens. The boutique hotel was carefully designed to wrap you in the surrounding natural exuberance, with light-filled rooms, open-air showers, an endless pool, and a charming children’s play area. The Ai Mamita restaurant offers high-quality meals featuring fresh seafood prepared by prodigious Chef Tufa. And because Villa Coco is an eco-lodging, it uses no plastic.

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Skin Diving in Paradise

Coiba National Park is a nature reserve and a World Heritage Site rich in biodiversity and the staff at the Panama Dive Center is ready to show it to you in the best way possible! Whale sharks, giant stingrays, turtles, and silver mackerel are only a few of the species you’ll see in places such as Wahoo Buffet, La Lengua, Frijoles, Sueño de Pescador, or Sombrero de Palo in the waters surrounding this Panamanian island. Come aboard and enjoy an unforgettable diving experience.

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