Enrique Bunbury /Intense Levitation Course

The Spanish singer-songwriter is among the many artists who have benefited, creatively speaking, from confinement. Having released nothing new since 2017, Bunbury blows our minds with two amazing works in less than a year: “Posible,” released on the Warner label last May, and “Curso de levitación intensivo” scheduled for release on December 11th.

Play List / Revista Panorama digital

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Lista No. 1 A Colonial Christmas in the Americas

A compendium of Christmas tunes popular in the Americas during Colonial times. The songs reveal how the sounds and rhythms of Europe, Africa, and indigenous America came together to shape the development of music on the continent.

Lista No. 2 / Groovy Grinch

Some people don’t like Christmas music, and that’s fine. Here is a list of really groovy seasonal music for the inner Grinch in all of us.