Music – Film

Qam Hina / Renata Flores Rivera

Qam Hina means “like you” in Quechua, a language that this young singer from Ayacucho, Peru uses to express herself as she experiments with urban genres, trap music, and pop. This is a winning and unusual combination; traditional aesthetics often marry the lyrical poetry of native languages with traditional folk musical genres but Flores rejects this, using juxtaposition to create a vigorous, sophisticated, contemporary, and evolving musical language. Her music contributes to the legacy of world music beyond acting as an anthropological sample. Available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music, among other platforms.

Rumbo al mar

Director: Nacho Garassino

Cast: Santiago Bal, Federico Bal, Anita Martínez, Zulma Faiad, Laura Laprida, Daniel Valenzuela

This Argentine-Brazilian production follows Julio (Santiago Bal) as he and his son (Federico Bal), embark on a final adventure to see the ocean after Julio is diagnosed with a disease that will kill him in less than a month. The trip takes father and son (both in the film and in real life) on a journey of remembrances, where family experiences, revived longings, and outstanding debts approach in an unexpected way. The movie carries the additional symbolism of being Santiago’s last work before his recent death.