Silvana Estrada

In 2017, when she was barely twenty years old, this Mexican singer-songwriter burst onto the Latin American “indie” music scene with her debut album, “Lo Sagrado,” in which she already displayed a precise, clean style and great poetic narratives. Her second work, “Marchita,” emerges as a reflection on the uncertainty of our times and the fragility of life, but also the empathy, solidarity, and courage that make life worth living.



Francisco Victoria


Chilean composer, musician, and producer Francisco Victoria is another groundbreaking artist in 2022. As is now customary, Victoria released several advance singles from the compendium, including “Tírame al fondo del mar” (Throw Me to the Bottom of the Sea), “Yo creí que eras mi amiga” (I Thought You Were my Friend), and “Mi corazón me dice la verdad” (My Heart Tells Me the Truth). The album touches once again on topics such as heartbreak, disappointment, and the complexity of romantic relationships, confirming the young singer’s status as a touchstone of the South American electro-pop scene. Available on all major digital platforms.





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