Welcome 2 America

Prince (posthumous)

Following Prince’s tragic death, many speculated about the unpublished musical stockpile he may have left behind. “Welcome 2 America” is proof that this stockpile was real. Recorded and archived in 2010, the album touches on the political and racial tensions in the United States, but is nonetheless charged with hope. Gospel-funk melodies such as “Welcome 2 America” and “One Day We Will All B Free” are perfectly in tune with the global scene in 2021.


Panama Brass

Latin, jazz, funk, soul, calypso in Panama


Between the 1940s and 1960s, Panama’s huge garrison and position as a stopover point for people from around the world led to a golden era for music. The best local and international artists lit up the country’s vibrant nightlife. “Panama Brass” reflects this era, bringing together an anthology of classics from genres like jazz, funk-soul, bolero, boogaloo, bossa nova, calypso, cha cha cha, guaracha, and samba. The album, originally released by Tamayo Records in 1969, was recently remastered and reissued. A jewel.


Choro Forever

Choro is Brazil’s quintessential urban rhythm. This humble editor loves its light, playful, and reeling air. If you’re familiar with the genre, please enjoy this selection of classics and new tunes. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s time to make some pleasant discoveries.



Colombia Son

A playlist of songs composed or sung by Colombian artists to celebrate this great South American nation’s independence. Everything from pasillos to rock in Spanish, for all tastes and types of nostalgia.

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