Los Divinos

Inspired by the atrocious and horrifying murder of Yuliana Samboní, a young Colombian child, Los Divinos (The Divine) has already been acclaimed by critics as Laura Restrepo’s best novel to date. The book is an in-depth, detailed account of the vices of a privileged, powerful, selfish, and superficial class whose children are accustomed to gratifying all their desires and pleasures. This dismal milieu produces “Muñeco” (Baby), a spoiled young man from a very wealthy family. He is a handsome party animal who, along with his peers, lives in a bubble of impunity and hedonism so impervious that it nullifies any moral and ethical doubt that could have arisen from the rape and murder of a child from a deprived neighborhood. Restrepo was recently awarded the international award Ciudad de Córdoba por la Paz – Antonio Gala (narrative). She is considered one of the principal voices of modern Hispano-American literature.