Las aventuras de un lanzador de enanos

Alejandro Lámbarry


Tomás Altarde, a Mexican handyman who works as a security guard in the U.S., gets bored with his routine. When he foresees his future unfolding with a predictable misery that will follow him to the end of his days, he resolves to look for a new life. In the end, this quest has an unusual result: he becomes the world champion of dwarf throwing. His path is marked by failures, ridicule, sorrows, and misadventures that Alejandro Lámbarry engages in a narrative that is full of irony, sarcasm, and black humor while also being tender, beautiful, and deep. Lámbarry is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Puebla and holds a PhD. in Spanish-American literature from the Paris-Sorbonne University; he is a university professor, researcher, and the author of other books, including Testamento de la carne y el espíritu (Testament to the Flesh and Spirit) (2005) and El otro radical: la voz animal en la literatura hispanoamericana (The Other Radical: The Animal Voice in Spanish-American Literature) (2015). Las aventuras de un lanzador de enanos is his first novel.