Ibero-american showpieces

Miriam Lies

Directors: Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada

A middle-class family in Santo Domingo organizes a traditional —and expensive— 15th birthday party for their daughter Miriam. She decides to invite her boyfriend, Jean-Louis, who she met online. Everyone is excited, since they think he might be the son of the new French cultural attaché in the city. Miriam meets the young man a few days before the party, and discovers that he is not what her family imagines.

This is the first feature-length fiction film by directors Natalia Cabral and Oriol Es-trada (see the article on page 132), who previously made the documentaries Tú y yo (You and Me) and El sitio de los sitios (Site of Sites). Both works were screened and awarded prizes at festivals as renowned as the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), considered the greatest documentary festival in the world, and in Málaga, Cartagena, Biarritz, and Havana, among other places.


Directors: Israel Cárdenas and   Laura Guzmán

After spending fifteen years in prison in the United States, Cisco returns to his native Dominican Republic in search of a better future; however, he finds all doors shut in his face and, to make things worse, his mother is very ill. Desperate, he turns to boxing to earn a living, working with a retired Italian boxer who offers to train him.


Director:  Enrique Castro

Ten years after the U.S. military invasion of Panama, three survivors face an uncomfortable reconciliation, guided by the memory of the person they lost when the bombing started on December 20, 1989. It is the story of a family whose open wounds prevent it from moving on, and of the dilemma of a photographer who sacrificed himself to document the events.

To Kill Jesus

Director: Laura Mora

Paula is a university student who witnesses the murder of her father. At a party a few days later, she meets the hit man who shot him: a young man named Jesus. From that moment on, she becomes a hunter in search of revenge. But she will not succeed until she learns whether she is capable of immersing herself in the spiral of violence pummeling Colombia.