Ibero-American Jewels

To Kill Jesus

Director: Laura Mora

Twenty-two year old Paula’s father is killed right in front of her and, shortly thereafter, she meets the hitman who murdered him, a young man her own age named Jesus. She sets out to get close to him in a plot to get revenge but discovers along the way that  he is just another victim of the violence in Colombia.

This feature film, created by Laura Mora Ortega (see article on the page 128), is based on the true story of Ortega’s father’s murder. The director co-wrote the screenplay for the film with screenwriter Alonso Torres. Matar a Jesús, which was acted by a non-professional cast, has garnered close to twenty international awards at film festivals around the world, including the Panama International Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award for Best Latin American film.


Directors: Israel Cárdenas and   

Laura Guzmán

In this drama, Cisco returns to his native Dominican Republic after many years in prison in the United States. He wants to earn an honest living to help his seriously ill mother but he can’t get a job. Encouraged by an Italian ex-boxer who offers to coach him, Cisco turns to boxing to earn money.

Miriam Lies

Directors: Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada

Miriam meets her online boyfriend a few days before her fifteenth birthday. In the midst of preparations for the grand celebration, her family and friends pressure her to let them meet the boy, which causes a serious conflict for the teenager, who has no idea how to tell them that her boyfriend is not the young, blue-eyed blond they imagine.


Director:  Enrique Castro

Ten years after the U.S. military invasion of Panama, three survivors of the attack must face an uncomfortable reconciliation guided by the memory of a loved one who died December 20, 1989, the night the bombing began. This is the story of a family whose wounds have yet to heal, keeping them from moving forward, and the dilemma of a daring photographer who sacrificed himself to document the events.