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The IFF Panama channel offers the best in Latin American and Spanish cinema. Available on our aircraft equipped with the Showpass Cup entertainment system and those with individual AVOD screens.

Decembers  / Director:  Enrique Castro

Ten years after the U.S. military invasion of Panama, three survivors of the attack must face a reconciliation as uncomfortable as it is necessary, guided by the memory of a loved one who died the night the bombing began, December 20, 1989. It is the drama of a mother, a wife, and a son whose unhealed wounds keep them from moving forward and the dilemma of a daring photographer who sacrificed his life to document the events. They must work together to lift the weight from their hearts.

This is the first fiction feature by Enrique Castro Ríos (see report on the page 144), a Panamanian filmmaker who specializes in documentaries. The film premiered at the 2018 International Film Festival of Panama where it was well received by the public. It later screened at the International Independent Film Festival of Rome, where the script won a special mention from the jury.

To Kill Jesus / Director: Laura Mora

Paula’s father is murdered right in front of her. Shortly thereafter, the 22-year-old Paula meets the hired assassin who killed him, a young man her own age named Jesus. She sets out to establish a relationship with him in a plot to get revenge, but discovers along the way that the young killer is simply another victim of the violence in Colombia.

Miriam Lies  / Directors: Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada

The night before her fifteenth birthday, Miriam meets her internet boyfriend in person for the first time. In the midst of the lavish preparations for the big party, her family and friends are dying to meet the young man, whom they imagine to be blond and blue-eyed. A serious conflict arises for the teenager when she struggles to tell them that her boyfriend is not what they expect.

Sambá / Directors: Israel Cárdenas and Laura Guzmán

Cisco, a Dominican, returns to his country after a lengthy imprisonment in the United States. He can’t seem to find a job that will allow him to get ahead and help his ailing mother. Pressed by necessity and encouraged by an Italian ex-boxer who decides to coach him, Cisco resorts to boxing to earn some fast, easy money.