Astro at Your Service

Astro, Amazon’s household robot, can perform many tasks as it moves independently around the house. Configured to work in conjunction with Alexa (also from Amazon), Astro can help secure your home, warning you, for example, if a burner on the stove was left on, or if it detects an intruder. Astro also has an emergency alert to help caregivers monitor the safety of seniors. It has a periscope camera, 12” wheels, a 2-hour charge, and the ability to return to its base and recharge to 100% in 45 minutes.


La maleta que lo sigue

A Suitcase that Follows You

Continuing with the robot theme, Travelmate suitcases are designed to follow you, autonomously and effortlessly. Use the Bluetooth app to lock the suitcase and instruct it to follow you. The integrated GPS chip tells you how much your suitcase weighs and lets you track its location. Available in several colors and three sizes.


A Sustainable Mobile

In addition to its many other features, the Fairphone 4 5G phone is exceptionally sustainable, thanks to the fact that it can be repaired, which is much more significant than it seems. You don’t need a specialized technician to fix your phone; you can do repairs yourself. The inventors also assure us that for each phone sold, a phone is taken off the market and recycled, thus stimulating the circular economy. Elements that cannot be recycled are sourced from certified fair trade suppliers. The great news is that this phone gives you improved sustainability without asking you to sacrifice the latest technology, features, or apps.


About that New Year’s Resolution…

It’s 2022 and you probably committed —again— to taking off those extra pounds, especially after all those seasonal parties. With Peloton’s AI-assisted camera, you might actually be able to pull it off this year. The camera, intended for use with plyometric and hand-weight routines, lets you watch yourself exercise, compare your movements with those of the instructor, and detect errors in position and movement. Among other features, the camera can activate a cardiac monitor.  Some of Peloton’s exercise equipment can connect to a service that streams live entertainment. The service is available for a monthly fee.

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