For Those of Us Who Never Could Crack Rubik’s Cube

Were you one of the many who tried to solve Rubik’s famous cube? Well, the company now offers you another chance with this 21st-century version. The advanced sensors on the Rubik’s Connected link it via Bluetooth to an application that allows you to interactively learn how to complete the cube. It also offers a statistics mode for tracking your progress and ways to connect with other players, so you can participate in tournaments and activities.



Laser Technology to Improve Your Golf

The name says it all: Laser Putt™ uses two sets of lasers to improve the distance, pace, and speed of your putts. Just attach it to your club to get more out of your practices and improve your performance speed. In addition to the laser unit, Laser Putt™ comes with a log for your putting data as well as an alignment and calibration guide. This device is used by many pro golfers, like Hideki Matsuyama and Bryson DeChambeau.



Immaculate Glasses Forever

Keep the lenses of your glasses immaculate at all times, without abrasive liquids or the threat of breaking or twisting. The Specstaculr cleaning box has arrived. Just slip your glasses into the sleek, portable case, close it, push a single button, and the system of pads will leave your glasses like new in just 45 seconds. Exciting, right? Yes, but it’s not available yet. Visit to see how you can help with the final stages of development and become one of the first to own the device.



Smart Swim Goggles

Form’s smart swim goggles display your performance metrics in real time, so you no longer have to wait until after the race to find out how you did. Adjust the goggles to display the information on the left or right side, and you’ll have access to your intervals, rests, frequency, and stroke count and pace, to name only a few of the most relevant statistics. The associated app allows you to store your statistics digitally for easy reference.

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