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A Mighty Laptop

Even though it is still a prototype, the Aurora 7 laptop (from the British company Expandscape) is already generating excitement with its seven screens for multi-tasking. In this golden age of remote work, this device could be the perfect solution for programmers, graphic designers, stockbrokers, and other professionals who need to simultaneously manage various types of data. The Intel i9 processor (with 64 GB of RAM and 4.5 TB of storage) and the GPU NVIDIA GTX 1060 card ensure excellent performance.



Puny but Powerful

From macro to micro. The Claw 2.0 may be one of the smallest multitools on the market. Coming in at just under 1.5 inches and weighing just 0.07 ounces, this tool is a bottle opener, flint striker, screwdriver, lever, and much more. Each Claw comes with a split-ring that can be attached to a keychain —or something larger— to keep this teeny tool from getting lost.



Hands-Free Shoes

These days, when we’re trying to avoid touching things and also living a more relaxed lifestyle, Nike’s new GoFlyEase are just what we need. This hands-free shoe slips on or off easily. The bi-stable hinge under the instep keeps the shoe secure in both fully open and fully closed states, thanks to a tensioner band. Simply step on the heel support to slip the shoe off, then step into the open shoe to lock it in place.



Best Sound Ever

The Bose Noise Cancelling 700 headphones take noise control to another level. The headphones offer eleven settings including a total noise canceling mode that isolates you from your surroundings, and a conversation mode that switches your headphones to full transparency to let in outside sounds. Microphones in the device work together to cancel outside noise so you can hear other people, while other mics improve the clarity of your voice by isolating your speech and suppressing disruptive ambient sounds, allowing your conversation partners to hear you better. This is a welcome development in these times when teleconferences are the order of the day. 



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