Covid-19 Inspires biodegradable disponsables

How can we prevent the immediate need for hygienic disposable products from compromising our efforts to improve environmental sustainability? Biodegradable disposables might be the answer. Global indices show that six million tons of these products were manufactured in 2020, nearly double the amount produced in 2015. Although this is equivalent to just 2.5% of traditional plastic produced for similar uses, the trend suggests a geometric progression that would raise the figure to nearly 200 million tons per year by 2050.

Baby boomers discover telecommuting…or is it the other way around?

COVID-19 accelerated the already growing trend toward telecommuting. As the global economic crisis continues to threaten pensions, retired baby boomers are going back to work, taking on remote and freelance positions to make up for their losses. The magazine International Living recently published a list of the hundred best places to work online. The report considers factors such as high speed internet access, online payment infrastructure, and messaging services, among others.