Beer Quest in Anaheim

Craft beer is more popular than ever and many cities pride themselves on their varied offerings of this revered ancient brew. As with all trends, it is important to distinguish the newcomers from the tried-and-true, genuine custodians of tradition. The southern California city of Anaheim is a custodian of tradition; its beer circuits include sites as old as the city itself. These three examples prove the point.


Anaheim Brewery

Anaheim more than likely owes its beer-brewing tradition to the German immigrants who founded the city in 1857. Opened in 1870, the Anaheim Brewery was one of the concerns established by city founders to imbue their new country with some of the soul of their homeland. Although it has moved from location to location under four different owners, this brewery has retained its essence, especially since the current owners discovered an old brewery recipe book dated 1890. They swear by the traditional basic flavors of beer. The brewery is a compulsory stop during Oktoberfest.

336 S. Anaheim Blvd.

Unsung Brewing Company

If you’re into experimental beers, you’ll be in heaven at Unsung, a brewery specializing in fermenting malted barley with surprising accomplices like chocolate, coffee, mango, and even corn. Its brews are particularly in demand for pairing with food. In addition to their innovative beers, the brewery’s atmosphere offers a lively homage to classic U.S. comics and super heroes.

500 Anaheim Blvd Unit B.

The Bruery Terreux

Behind most craft beers, you’ll find an enthusiast who started out making homebrew in the basement of their house. This homespun ethic endures at Bruery Terreux. Crammed with barrels and fermentation tanks, the site weaves a bewildering labyrinth of paths to flavor. It specializes in sour beers with an interesting twist: they add flavors to the mix by using barrels originally intended for aging spirits; tasting options include brews with citrus, coriander, toasted coconut, and vanilla.

1174 N. Grobe St.